Many pre-1940s steel windows are now causing problems with distortion, deep-seated rust and general corrosion. These heritage windows were manufactured prior to the introduction of galvanising and powder-coating techniques which protect and preserve today’s modern product.

Often these windows are fitted into listed facades and buildings of great historical and national importance, with many being of unique design. Their slim sections are a significant and important feature of our overall architectural heritage.


Why replicate?

Unfortunately, unsympathetic and thoughtless replacement by some window companies has caused irreversible disfigurement to much of the country’s building stock. However, it is often possible to create replicas of these heritage windows and doors with modern steel window sections, with the added benefits of galvanising, weather-stripping, polyester powder-coating and double-glazing. This process preserves the building’s unique character and beauty.

As part of total window care, West Leigh has, since the 1940s, built up a wealth of experience in window replication and has advised many clients and architects on such schemes.


Our Bespoke Service

West Leigh Ltd is a UK manufacturer of beautiful, bespoke steel windows that can be made to fit any specification or project. We can supply a whole property with bespoke steel windows and doors, and all of our products are made to order with a choice of frame colour, design, finish and security features to match your needs.

Each window is priced based on its size, style and features. We offer free quotations, so if you have a window requirement, get in touch to discuss your needs.

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A National Campaign by English Heritage to Protect Our Legacy of Traditional Windows and Doors

So, what's it all about? And why do people like Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh make the tabloids on the subject? Put simply, it's about retaining the original designer's idea of the style of the building.

There is protection against architectural vandalism on listed buildings and this includes many of our most notable buildings. But it also excludes the vast majority of Victorian and 20th Century buildings that are not particularly famous.

If you are considering changing your windows or a historic local building is to be modernised, consider the architectural heritage of the property and the external impact it makes on your local environment.

West Leigh is a market leader in the accurate facsimile re-windowing of buildings originally fitted with wrought iron, cast iron and steel windows. In fact, since the 1940s, the company has gained considerable experience in this type of work and have often worked on projects involving English Heritage.

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