Why Steel Windows are the Green option for your project

Why Steel Windows are the Green option for your project

West Leigh manufacture all of their Steel Windows in the UK, not only that but every window manufactured is done so from recycled steel. And when they come to the end of their life, perhaps centuries from now, they can be recycled again!

It is because of the Steel Windows commitment to using recycled materials that it is now recognised as amongst the greenest building product manufacturers, something that is often hugely overlooked when considering windows for a project.



“It’s a huge advantage in this market, in this environment that we are in at the moment,” said Director Matthew Hahn, “but we don’t shout about it enough. We are producing a new Specifiers Guide and will be including information about how steel is recycled, but we should make more of it.”




“The raw materials we use to roll steel window sections at are 100% recycled,” said West Leigh staff. 

About 97% comes from post consumer used waste (like scrap cars). Every tonne of recycled steel saves about a tonne of iron ore, 600kg of col and 50kg of limestone.

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