Why choose W50 Thermally Broken Windows?

Why choose W50 Thermally Broken Windows?

W50 Thermally Broken Steel windows are energy efficient and provide outstanding contemporary look. Perfect for both commercial and residential properties.



With narrow sightlines and a U-value as low as 1.4 W/m2K, the W50 TB steel window is based on highly engineered, thermally broken steel sections designed to closely replicate the character of the traditional W20 steel window.

The design of the thermally broken profile means that W50 TB steel windows are manufactured differently from traditional solid, hot-rolled steel section windows.



West Leigh has introduced the W50 TB steel window to extend the range of solutions available to specifiers, especially in the new build sector where outstanding contemporary architecture is required.

Offering all the benefits traditionally associated with steel windows, including slender profiles, large panes of glass, good light transmission and large opening windows, the W50 TB provides incredible versatility.

  • All the benefits of traditional steel windows 
  • Slender profiles, large panes of glass and good light transmission 
  • Large opening windows 
  • Ideal for outstanding contemporary architecture


For more information about the W50 TB range visit here.