W20 iconic-looking steel frame windows

W20 iconic-looking steel frame windows

Manfield House, located on The Strand in central London, was refurbished to create modern office spaces.

However, the developers were keen to retain the appearance of the external facades in accordance with strict planning requirements.




West Leigh manufactured and installed approximately 175 W20 steel section windows. West Leigh's iconic-looking steel frame windows were ideal replacements for the original metal windows, which had deteriorated due to wear and tear and to provide a higher level of comfort.

West Leigh directly installed new W20 windows and doors.



W20 section is a window section that will allow up to 20mm double glazed units and can be glazed internally or externally, although this just falls marginally short of document L compliance with part L of building regulations in the conservation of fuel and power, this is the most common and preferable window that we install due to the fact that it can be used in both residential and commercial applications greatly improving and enhancing the appearance of any property without any large sight lines and still allowing the benefit of up to 20mm double glazed units made with low E glass giving typical U Value of 3.2W/m2K.


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