Vision brought to life on barn in Surrey

Vision brought to life on barn in Surrey

The architect on this project approached many window companies to find a supplier who could deliver on his plans for this barn conversion in Surrey. West Leigh was able to bring his vision to life.

Thanks to our in-house expertise, you will see from the photo how well this sketch came to fruition with the installation of W20 screening and doors.

See below the proposed plans for the barn.

Proposed barn plans

Barn Drawings


W20 windows are extremely suitable for internal, commercial and heritage buildings.

The extremely versatile W20 range from West Leigh has been in production for decades and has a proven record of durability with excellent design potential. These windows are very popular with planners and architects. Whatever your construction needs, the West Leigh W20 range is ideal. 

We love this stunning image of the completed windows.


Completed barn windows

Completed Barn Windows


We were delighted we are able to help the architect bring his vision to life. If you are an architect looking for inspiration and the right window manufacturer for your project, contact the West Leigh team