Using Steel Framed Fire Rated Windows

Using Steel Framed Fire Rated Windows


A General Overview

Fire Rated Windows allow you to comply with fire safety regulations without detracting from the building’s external appearance with fire rated glass. Modern frames hold panes of fireproof glass and give you the ability to see smoke and flames giving early warning signs and increased visibility for fire detection.

Every fire rated window is custom made to suit existing structural openings, allowing you to protect your building and occupants from preventing fire from spreading. They are designed on a CAD/CAM system and manufactured with CNC punching and pressing facilities to guarantee quality and long product life, so you can depend on it to secure your premises as intended.


What are the features of Fire Rated Windows? 

Large panes of fireproof glass increase the amount of natural light that reaches your rooms and opens up your internal spaces.

Fire rated windows can be available with slender frames holding fireproof glass securely in place or can be available as frameless fire rated glass, designed and finished to complement the existing look and feel of your rooms whilst providing the highest level of fire protection to prevent fire from spreading.

You have the option to customise your window, giving you complete control over its size, shape, and appearance.



West Leigh's Fire Rated Windows:

  • Maintain integrity in a typical fire for 30-60 minutes 
  • Examined by Warrington Fire Research 
  • Glazing systems tested in accordance with BS476: Part 22: 1987


Visit our Fire Rated page to read more information about our offering and download our more detail guides.

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