Improve your interior with internal doors

Improve your interior with internal doors

Are you considering incorporating internal windows into an architectural project? Residential properties often face the same interior obstacles – creating a living space with various rooms that achieves the same light as a an open plan space can be challenging, which is why we offer a great range of internal screens. 


Internal screens have a huge effect on the look and feel of interior designs, and the recent trend of modern, industrial style internal doors adds an element of New York style décor to residential properties. West Leigh offer architects and contractors a range of internal steel frames to create this light and spacious feel in any home or office space. 


Why use internal screens?

Most properties will subdivide space from a practical point of view, it both prevents sound, loss of heat and offers privacy to the homeowner. We often see many homeowners commission builders to construct solid walls to create these spaces. By subdividing with a solid wall you can often leave a home feeling smaller and darker.

Therefore, for several years, architects have been working with homeowners to devise carefully considered floorplans with innovative room dividers to allow natural light and a sense of open space to flow throughout the course of the property. 


A question we are frequently asked is can sliding doors be used internally, and the answer is yes.

Sliding doors and bi-folding doors can be used internally and there’s a broad range of systems that are suitable for this type of installation. Integrating internal sliding doors into the interior design of a residential property is rapidly growing in popularity as a method to curate broken plan interior designs, otherwise known as zoning open-plan spaces.


See our case study where a London Architect chose to make dramatic use of steel windows to form a screen between the main bedroom and en-suite bathroom within her own apartment. West Leigh manufactured and installed the bespoke design solution.



What is the benefit of using internal screens?

The internal steel framed, glass doors allow the homeowners to open and close off spaces without blocking out light or the view of the wider living space, which offers the feeling of still being within the wider open plan living space. Internal glass systems from West Leigh are made bespoke to each project which means that these modern interior design solutions can be made to any size to fit living spaces perfectly.


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