Contemporary architecture with the BronzoFinestra range

Contemporary architecture with the BronzoFinestra range

Bronze is one of the oldest metals known to man, becoming popular at the beginning of the Bronze Age over 5,000 years ago. It is considered a 'living material', subject to natural oxidation or weathering, and its natural colours range from a copper red fading through golden yellow to end in shades of classic brown. It emanates a warmness difficult to match with other metals.

Contemporary architecture is rediscovering the value and beauty of this noble metal, which was the principal performer in windows and doors of many representative commercial buildings and residences of the 18th and 19th centuries.


We offer three different products in the BronzoFinestra range: 



A prestigious material for a system of profiles with FerroFinestra design. Architectural bronze is a copper alloy composed of approximately 58% copper and 40% zinc (2% other). Thanks to its physical properties such as hardness, resistance and ductility, it is an ideal material for the realization of windows and doors.


B60 TB

The elegant and slender lines of FerroFinestra W60 TB are available also in the prestigious architectural bronze, under the name of BronzoFinestra B60 TB. This noble series has been developed for projects with the highest demands.


B75 TB

The new BronzoFinestra B75 TB system is, together with FerroFinestra W75 TB, the latest development from Ottostumm. With its unlimited surface shades, architectural bronze is a living material that gives windows and doors an undisputed charm.


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