Beautiful bespoke windows

Beautiful bespoke windows

West Leigh Ltd is a UK manufacturer of beautiful, bespoke steel windows that can be made to fit any specification or project.

We can supply a whole property with bespoke steel windows and doors, and all of our products are made to order with a choice of frame colour, design, finish and security features to match your needs.


Why replicate windows? 

Many pre-1940s steel windows are now causing problems with distortion, deep-seated rust and general corrosion. These heritage windows were manufactured prior to the introduction of galvanising and powder-coating techniques which protect and preserve today’s modern product.

Often these windows are fitted into listed facades and buildings of great historical and national importance, with many being of unique design. Their slim sections are a significant and important feature of our overall architectural heritage.


Bespoke Windows


Do you have a project you would like to consider replicated, bespoke windows for? 

Each window is priced based on its size, style and features. We offer free quotations, so if you have a window requirement, get in touch to discuss your needs.