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Window Replacement



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If your steel windows are effected by deep-seated rust, your aluminium windows badly corroded, your timber frames disintegrating from rot and falling to pieces, then you have no choice but to go for a window replacement! They must be replaced. Whether your requirement is for replacing windows that are Steel or Aluminium, West Leigh can offer a design to suit.

The wide and varied experience with all facets of TOTAL WINDOW CARE means that West Leigh can offer a unique unbiased ‘Technical Advisory Service’. The questions that are most commonly asked are:

“Should windows be repaired or replaced?”
“What type of windows should we install?”
“What type of material and what finish is appropriate?”
“What method of fixing should be used?”

The answers to these questions can in almost every instance be answered immediately with a high degree of assurance and expertise.

Where a window replace is considered necessary, West Leigh can provide a full range of steel and aluminium replacement windows, either on a supply only or supply and install basis. Care is taken to replace windows and to ensure that the chosen product meets the necessary design and performance criteria.

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