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Curtain Wall Refurbishment



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Many curtain walling facades erected since the nineteen sixties are now in need of upgrading or repair.

Amongst the more common curtain wall problems to occur are; water penetration, solar heat gain through plain glass, poor insulation with low performance spandrel panels and corrosion or failure of structural fixings. These problems can cause; discomfort to the occupants, inefficient use of energy sources and can be a potential danger to both the general public and occupants alike.

In the most extreme cases, these curtain wall refurbishment jobs, require total replacement of the facades, which incurs considerable cost and expense. However, had attention been given earlier to resolve problems much of the expensive and inevitable disruption could have been avoided.

In addition to refurbishing the existing facade it is sometimes possible to completely transform the colour and appearance of buildings by overcladding.

As curtain walling refurbishment contractors, West Leigh works as a Principal Contractor or specialist Sub Contractor. we have gained valuable experience in this relatively recent market sector and our  TOTAL WINDOW CARE service has satisfied many well known clients.

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