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Total Window Care

In 1943 West Leigh were busy repairing the bomb damaged windows and facades of London's buildings. Since that time the company has accumulated a vast store of experience in total window care. The service, repair and replacement of all types of windows (including various types of metal window: steel windows, aluminium windows, etc), in all types of buildings; from palaces to pubs, in styles from heritage to modern, and working on all the popular window materials. This, all supported, together with a comprehensive stock of window fittings, by the Company's factories.

The Company has always remained in private ownership providing personal commitment together with a sound financial base.

Window Care: The services

The enormous scope of West Leigh's activities may be judged from the products and services which are briefly described on this website.  More detailed information for each subject is available upon request

This comprehensive range enables us to act as independent window specialists, offering impartial advice, when required, to other professionals - from property or building maintenance personnel to Local Authorities, Architects, Surveyors, Contractors and Facilities Managers.

Whether your needs are for new build, a steel window refurbishment or routine steel window maintenance put your windows in the hands of West Leigh's TOTAL WINDOW CARE.

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